COURSE MENU〈コースメニュー〉

シェフおまかせコース 〈Chef's Omakase course menu〉

〈Trial dinner〉


*アミューズブーシュ〈Amuse Bouche〉
*本日の前菜〈Today's cold food〉
*契約農家からのサラダ〈Contract farmer's salad〉
*メインのお肉料理〈Today's meat dish〉

〈Standard course〉


*アミューズブーシュ〈Amuse Bouche
*旬のおすすめの前菜〈Recommended starter(Raw ham or raw oysters)〉
*契約農家からのサラダ〈Contract farmer's〉
*本日の魚料理〈Today's fish dishes〉
*本日のパスタ〈Today's pasta〉
*メインのお肉料理〈Main meat dishes〉

〈Chef's table〉


*アミューズブーシュ〈Amuse Bouche〉
*旬のおすすめ前菜〈Recommended starter〉
*旬のおすすめ前菜二皿目〈The second recommended appetizer〉
*魚介料理〈fish dishes〉
*本日のパスタ〈Today's pasta〉
*メインのお肉料理〈Main meat dishes(Gibier or Japanese beef)〉
*フロマージュ各種〈Various cheeses〉

Even if you do not make a reservation, when you come to the store on the day,
Ask for food that is not good for allergies,
We will prepare a special course for you.

All listed prices are excluding tax.

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